Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Friday

So far (knock on wood) this is going to be the final day of the work week. I've already up over 34 hours, and I have quite a bit of paper to push this morning and a short session with my two favorite kids on my caseload after they're done with school at 2. And that will be it until Sunday. I'm really looking forward not so much to Friday off, because Friday is going to be busy as hell, if all breaks right (sponsor, sponsee, lunch with my newly promoted friend, then hopefully the ex coming with a truck and friends to get all her stuff out of here, maybe a home-cooked dinner in someone else's home, and then the meeting at night because a good friend is celebrating twenty years clean).
It's Saturday I am looking forward to. May 1 is the traditional start of the gardening year around here, and my garden and yard need a lot of attention. The garden box rebuilding project that I started last year needs to be completed. The soil needs to be turned and composted. The lawn, much as I think it is overrated to do so, needs to be cut. The lilac tree that fell to the ground in the winter needs to be disposed of. The dog latrine needs to be cleaned up. And then, early next week, it is time to buy seeds and plants, and get them in the ground. The bounty that fills my Instagram and Facebook pages, and mine and some friends' kitchens, in July and August doesn't just appear by magic, and this is when it starts.
I have other wish lists for the house and property, too. I really want to take down the rest of the fence on Bob's side this year, especially with the lilac tree in that corner also a casualty of age and gravity. Those being gone, and the fence being gone, almost make up for the beech tree in the neighbor's yard that keeps growing skyward and pretty much throwing my yard into shade anytime after 2 PM. Time and money permitting, I would also like to level out the corner where the blueberries are. And I remain engaged in the perpetual quest here to make the yard as bee-friendly as possible, although I am not quite so brave as to actually purchase a hive. But I have a pretty good idea, after a decade of this, what plants and flowers bring what kind of bees, and I have slowly been adding perennials to the front and sides for years. It's working, but there's always more to do, and I have a feeling that it's going to become more critical than ever very soon. Of all the animals that human beings have stupidly endangered, bees are the at the top of the list.
This house has always been a no pesticide zone, but their are way too many tight-assed retired people on this block that still use ChemLawn and those kind of places. I am resisting temptation to really flame these people right now, but for God's sake, there are bigger priorities in the world than having a patch of 40x30 ground looking like a carpet. But I suppose if you've got to 70+ years old without giving a shit about the world around you, you're not going to change now...but I'm not going to follow suit. My lawn will be cut when it needs to be cut, which will be about five times a year. And I'll consider the effect it might have on "property values" when I see a For Sale in front of your house. Not before.
Anyway, I really hope I get to spend a few hours in the yard Saturday. It's that time of year.

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