Saturday, March 25, 2017

Short Gratitude List

Of all the changes that I've undertaken recently, the one that was perhaps the most unexpected and is the most welcome is the growing indifference to social media, or at least my presence on it. My participation in it has always been variable--some days I will be all over it, and all up in it, and some days I barely glance at it. But there have been  much more of the latter than the former recently, and I find myself really not caring all that much what goes on there. I still look often, but the need to both participate and the amount of emotional energy spent on it has dropped considerably from even a few weeks ago.
That happens when there are changes and evolution happening in most areas of a life. Sabrina's softball season is getting underway; I've settled into the job much more comfortably than before. Lauren's presence here may ultimately be temporary, but for now, she's a full member of the household, and so much has changed, positively, for her in five weeks that it is nearly an unrecognizable life from the one she used to live. It has not escaped either of us that almost everyone she knew that was in the last institution she was in is either locked up, using and having it be just a matter of time before they get locked up, or have already had to return to substance abuse treatment. Lauren is not struggling a whole lot with keeping it down, and living here has much to do with that. The relationship is not perfect, and it isn't all it could be--but one thing I have not had any reason to think even peripherally about is whether she has relapsed or is on the verge of it. She hasn't, and although you can never write anything in pen with people in early recovery, there are no signs it's on the table at the moment, either.
I have a rather busy day ahead for a day off, but I am grateful for all that I have and to have a busy life. I don't hang out on Facebook for hours because I don't have them to spare; I haven't posted on Instagram for a long time because who has time for pictures? I find time for this every day, but the more astute of you have noticed that the posts are shorter for the most part, because I simply don't have three hours to write a piece most days.
And that's a good thing.

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