Sunday, March 19, 2017

Living Life

Out of bed far too early for a Sunday. But this is the new normal; except for the four Sundays of the years that are the fifth ones of the month, I will be working on Sunday as long as I am holding this position. It's the nature of the job and the services provided. I'm not going to mind so much once I am actually doing it, it's the getting out of bed and getting going that's bothersome.
Sabrina slept over a friend's house, as she is often doing. I have come to an acceptance, if not necessarily approval of, many of her behaviors and attitudes. She's really not a kid anymore; she's a very young but nonetheless actual adult, and I needed to readjust my expectations around that. And to be truthful, given the massive nature of the changes around here in the last month, she's handled them remarkably. Of all the outcomes I expected, what has actually happened was near the bottom of the list. It's a credit to both women that they have become so close, and that they are a good support for each other. And it's helped me, too.
My girlfriend is with her daughter this weekend, until she returns to work this afternoon. Yesterday was the first extensive time I have spent around her daughter, another indication to me that we are already in uncharted territory. It's been a while since I've been around a nearly-9YO with a lot of energy that doesn't have a boatload of emotional issues and developmental disabilities (those kind of kids are a significant part of my caseload), and it was a welcome change. And it was nice to see her mother in her natural element; it's been far too long. Unlike some of the other women I've been involved with, she actually knows what she's doing when she is with her kid, and the love she feels is obvious and apparent. After Nightmeredith's nearly-cruel indifference to her children, and indeed going back to the beginning of my clean time, it dawned on me that I have been around and with far too many women whose parenting set my teeth on edge. That, thankfully, is not going to be an issue here.
The dog is the fourth member of this little homestead, and while he is managing, I sure wish he could talk. He's had a touchy stomach for weeks now, and is in the midst of another bout of diarrhea. I talked to my oldest daughter, in vet school, and she told me it is likely stress, which would be understandable, and I'm a little reluctant to leave him alone here when I go to work. But he acted like himself most of yesterday, and I changed dog foods yesterday, so I am hoping that a trip to the vet will not be necessary in a few days. Other than the diarrhea, he is acting healthy; he could stand more exercise, but with a couple of feet of snow still on the ground, we're kind of limited with that.
I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.

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