Monday, February 20, 2017

Never Enough Sleep

I'm going to keep this short this morning, as I have a ton of stuff I have to do today. But I'm finding something out as I get older that I literally never knew was true: no matter how used to it you get, your body simply does not like to get up at 5 AM, regardless if you've had two hours of sleep or ten. Since shifting back to day hours, I've been going to bed at a reasonable hour--around ten most nights, sometimes as early as nine o'clock. My alarm is set for 5 AM on days I work, because I like to have several cups of coffee, write this blog, and eat in leisure before showering and going to work (it also leaves time, in this season, to shovel out if need be).
I've been working four weeks in this position now, and I don't care when I've gone to bed the night before, when I wake up at 5, my body is stiff and I yawn for two hours while I sit here. The stiffness is partially because I am actually exercising some every day, whether it be walking the dog, shoveling, or work-related (and sometimes all three). But this never feeling like I am fully rested is getting old. I'm trying to remember if I felt like this before I started working nights, but I wasn't working for five months before then, so that's not really relevant. For much of the last few years I worked for Berkshire, I got up even earlier, by 4:45, because I liked to be at the office earlier than I get to work now.
I have a feeling that this, too, will change after tomorrow. Lauren has gotten used to going to bed and getting up earlier than she was last summer, and her medications have stabilized her sleeping patterns. But I know she isn't going rising at 5 AM regularly, either. I might wake up to let the dog out, but I have a feeling I'm going to have tweak this routine some. And if I feel less tired, even with less sleep, it might be beneficial.

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