Friday, January 6, 2017

Successful Thus Far

Five days into the new year, I've lost seven pounds. And I haven't even been starving myself. Hell, I'm still eating some of the Christmas cookies I got, plates from two friends and my mother; I eat one from each every day for dessert after dinner.
It's not all going to melt off like this, of course. I haven't been drinking a whole lot of fluid, but you'd never know it by how much I am going to the bathroom; that will run its course, as soon as today. I have a whole lot of fruit and a few snacks that are going to have to be eaten soon. My exercise levels are flagging a little (although I am going up and down the stairs more than ever at work). But realistically, I was kind of afraid when I saw how much I weighed on Sunday. But I'm already back in territory I've been in before.
And last night at work, I did something I had not been able to do for the entire nine months I've worked here: I did not eat a single thing, not from the fridge, not from the snack room, and not from the candy left around here by careless kids. I'm not sure I'm going to make it through tonight without eating, but I'm definitely not grazing, and I'll be happy if I don't gain when I get on the scale later today.
I don't do anything scientific or special when I diet. I remember Mr. Miller, my high school track coach, reaming out some poor sap at practice one day, someone who must have told him he had tried out for track looking to lose weight, barking, "Fellas, there's one way to lose weight: don't eat! if you're out here trying to burn calories, you're wasting your time." And I have always found that to be the case. I have always had a high metabolism; even now, well into middle age, I could easily weigh 50 pounds more than I do considering how much I eat. When that motor doesn't get fed as much--well, the weight does come off, at least to a point. I doubt I'm going to get down to 170 ever again, but at this point, I think getting under 200 is a realistic goal by the end of the month, and getting under 190 by time Lauren comes home is, too.
Getting the stomach band surgery seems to be a fad of recent years. I know four people that have had it and another that is going to have it soon. While the results have been visible, I also don't think it's something I need to consider. For one, I am not seriously overweight; even at my heaviest, I am not a 40 pant size or more than an extra-large shirt. But even if I was that big, I don't think I'd do the surgery. There are too many foods that I like too much to seriously give up forever. I watch one of my best friends, who had the procedure done years ago, still eating mushy stuff and in limited quantities, and that just isn't for me. My inner glutton needs to be satisfied on occasion, especially since it really has never ruled me. And while my teenage, sub-two minute 800 meter runner self is never going to return--nor will the weight I was at 17--I can still get to within the same area code as it simply by sensible dieting for several weeks.
And I will admit that a good part of why I want to do so much now is wanting to look as good as possible for Lauren. My place in her heart is secure, but I don't really feel like I want to push it too much, either; I don't want my appearance to be something that has to be accepted; you want to be someone that she is happy to be seen with. Appearance can't be everything, but it does matter. And on a more practical level, some couple's activities are not  as much fun when someone weights a lot more than they ought to. If that can be avoided and alleviated, then I'm going to do it. And I've got about seven weeks to make progress.
And seven pounds in four days is a great start.

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