Monday, January 30, 2017


The Immortal Throne is Stella Gemmell's long-awaited sequel to The City, a fantasy novel of a world and city ruled by demigods but populated by people technologically advanced to the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, the first book was published four years ago, and I had forgotten much of what had happened; it took most of this book before I recalled most of the previous events. This book follows the course of a disastrous war that the City's mad emperor has embarked on, his deposition, and the renewal of hostilities by an army that cannot be bought off. There are several main characters--people in the armies, spies, refugees, and courtiers--and although the plot twists are somewhat opaque at times, the characters never fail to be interesting, and the action does not flag, even over 550 pages. It took me a week to read this because I was busy, not because it was dull. As the book ends, the main villain, of a sort, has perished, but in the midst of an apocalyptic battle, and I am not sure where the story arc can go from here. But when the new book arrives, I will be reading it.

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