Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Next Exit In View

I got a confirmation today that the transfer of programs is finally going to happen. Not for five weeks yet, which means I will still be working nights during the holidays, which I'm not real enthused about, but at least it makes it possible to start to plan ahead. The great thing about the position I am moving to is the flexible schedule, and going forward, with Lauren coming home about five weeks after I switch the jobs, it will make it easier for me to deal with all that is going to bring.
I honestly have mixed feelings about it now. I really like everyone that I am working with here; a couple of staff have moved on, and I like their replacements better than I liked the originals. Staff meetings here are raucous and fun; today featured so many moments of levity that I wish I had recorded it. The program I am moving to seems to have good people working for it, too--don't get me wrong on that count. But it's not like I can't stand where I am now. It was just the hours and the night shift, not the job or the people.
Or the kids. I can't really comment on anybody specific, for obvious reasons. But I will say that the tougher elements we had to deal with here in the summer are long gone, and the bunch we have now, although somewhat challenging for evening and day staff, have not been giving me a hard time on nights at all.
One development is that I am starting to shadow and become more familiar with the new position, and so there will be a few more days like this one--16 hours worked between 1 PM yesterday and 8:30 this morning. I will like the bigger paychecks, for certain. And the challenges of the new position are whetting my appetite a bit. I like when I get reports that the kids I met gave me positive reviews. I wasn't that worried that I wouldn't be successful at the new job, but all bits of positivity are welcome encouragement.
This journey I am on continues to pick up mile markers. I am probably closer to the end than the beginning--but I am nowhere near journey's end, either. And I'm happy that I am able to actually enjoy and meet new challenges as they arise. My memory of a lot of people I grew up around is that they were very rigid and resistant to any kind of change when they were my age I 'm glad I'm not that way.

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