Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Wintry Saturday

Today was a reminder that changes are coming, and in fact are already here in some areas. The night shift portion of this job is winding down, but I still have to complete my term here, so I was working until 9 AM. This is the non-visitation Saturday, so I got my weekly phone call from my honey from the place she's at; ten minutes is not anywhere long enough to talk, but it's better than nothing, and I am growing more and more convinced that in ten weeks, life is going to change for the better for both of us. It's just--different; one small example was that she told me she actually likes it where she is, that it's been a long time since she had structure and stability on this level and that it is doing her a world of good (and that it is giving her a renewed appreciation of the stability I exhibit in my life, too, something she always has found attractive but not necessarily before now enough to embrace). Sabrina had her first indoor track meet today at Ithaca College, and she set a personal best in the weight throw and was only a few inches off her best in the shot put--certainly encouraging for her prospects this year. And the dog is getting more and more used to us and to our lives; he is truly a blessing, a patient and loving animal that is exceptionally well-behaved. He's damn near perfect for us.
And we are having a winter this year. We've already gotten more snow than we did all of last winter. The thermometer reads 15, but it sure feels colder, and it's certainly brisk when I am walking the dog. I replaced the shower head yesterday with one of those multi-stream ones, and I sat under it and basked in the hot warmth for fifteen minutes today. And tonight is the last night of the work week for me--and the cold seeping into the front of this house is making me cut my time in the staff area short.
But I am not complaining. This is the last winter Sabrina will be living home. I will be working days and evenings in a few weeks. I have more reason than I ever have to believe Lauren is going to be a big part of my life for a long time to come. I sit here at work surrounded by Christmas lights, and my own house is decorated, and I simply revel in the spirit of the season. There may be disorder and chaos raging around me, but my own life is pretty calm and manageable. And while I am not worry-free, I am content with my life as it stands right now.
And if you can say that and mean it, you've got it pretty good.

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