Saturday, December 3, 2016

2016 Countdown

It will not commence for three days yet, but it's become somewhat of a tradition here in this space to spend December counting down something. This year, I'm going to return to the theme of music. I'm going to select 25 songs that have something to do with addiction and/or recovery--that you might not have known  were about either. It's not going to be an exhaustive list, and there might be a few entries on it that may not have been explicitly about the subject, but turned out to be something that I could identify strongly with at some point in either my own active addiction or recovery.
Obviously, the list is going to be limited, too, to songs I actually like. To take an example, I didn't much care for Amy Winehouse's body of work when she was alive, and so Rehab will not be on this list. There are also a few artists that have dealt with the subjects that I am not going to include, too, for various reasons; the one that comes immediately to mind is Eminem, who dedicated two albums to the subject, and I honestly found it impossible to pick just one or two songs from those works. I'm not going to say that there are going to be no classic rock songs on the list, but considering that my addiction didn't take off until the mid-1990's, it's unlikely you are going to see songs like Cocaine, The Needle and the Damage Down, and Brown Sugar dissected in this space.
The first entry will be on December 6, It is only coincidental that that date is the actual Feast of St. Nicholas. The songs will not be listed in any sort of real order, either; unlike past years, the New Year's Eve post isn't going to be what I think is the "best" addiction/recovery song. And again, I am aware that it will not be an exhaustive list. Feedback will be welcome, but since this is a highly personal list that has everything to do with my identification with these songs, I would appreciate it if no one messaged me with notes like "this isn't good enough to be on the list."
So on Tuesday, most likely evening, this year's list will begin.

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