Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Worst Day To Be Working

About an hour from now, Daylight Savings Time will end, and I will get to replay the hour between one and two AM all over again. While I am working. Granted, I'm not working real hard tonight--largely because I am not feeling well at all, and would have called in sick if this agency didn't have such a hard time finding relief residential works on short notice. It's not like I have to do a lot most nights, anyway; there is some prep work for some inspection that I was asked to do tonight, but I've already left a note stating it's not really possible at the moment. \
But the fact is, on a night I would have been clock-watching anyway, I have to spend an extra hour here, for no good or discernable reason. I'm getting paid for it, to be sure, but the entire idea that the time changes twice a year is one I find more and more stupid as my life progresses. I've heard all the arguments for instituting Daylight Savings Time, and none of them seems particularly compelling, and its supposed beneficial effects sure aren't obvious to 98% of us.
And I'm personally grumpy about it today because this is the first time I was working on the day the clock goes back. I worked third shift at another job a long time ago, and I caught a break by working the Sunday the clock went ahead--I got to go home an hour early, biologically. But tonight was already sure to drag, and spending another hour feeling absolutely miserable isn't going to be a memorable experience.
I'm hoping I will feel somewhat better as the night progresses. I felt like crap last night, too, and then got a jolt about halfway through the shift. I did get more sleep than normal today; with Sabrina taking SATs in the morning, I took the dog for a long walk when I got home and both of us slept for five hours after we got home, until Sabrina returned. But I am still really tired, yawning every minute or so, and as I mentioned, my stomach is unsettled, my nose is stuffed, and every bone that is within six inches of the surface of my skin aches. It's going to be a super long night.

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