Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sick of Republican Horseshit

Look, I'm not a Hillary fan. I was very open and very honest about my wanting Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic standard-bearer this year. But...Hillary won the nomination, just like Trump, certainly not the first or best choice on the other side, won that party's nomination.
But if you can look in the mirror and tell yourself--never mind me, but yourself and your children--that this fucking bigot, this human toxic waste dump, would be a good President, you're either a gigantic liar or a failed human being. Clinton has done nothing as a candidate which would be disqualifying as a possible chief executive. Trump's campaign has been one long temper tantrum, alternating between bullying, bullshit, and taking his ball and going home. There isn't a single substantial actual policy in anything he has said, and whatever vague promises have come out of his mouth have been the same horseshit that has ruined the country for 35 years.
See, that's what the people that label themselves Republican need to get real about it. With the exception of curtailing abortion rights, what we have done in this country since 1980 has fulfilled Ronald Reagan's, and the Republican party of his time, vision of America. And if there is one thing most of us, regardless of party, agree on, it's that we're not as well off now as we were in 1980. Not even close. What we have seen is a general decline in the standard of living in most of our population, and the rich getting obscenely richer. We have gone from the hope and beacon of freedom for oppressed people around the world to becoming the neighborhood bully. We have locked up a staggering number of our own citizens, and made incarceration a fucking business , for God's sake.. We have a higher number of people on drugs than ever before. Our educational system is a shambles. A hundred other things are broken or aren't right.
And the Republicans have been in charge.
And now, not satisfied with running the country into the ground, the elected officials are beginning to become very vocal about where their true priorities are. The Supreme Court has had a vacancy all year; first the excuse was "We're going to wait until there's a new President" and now the Republicans are simply saying they're not going to allow the new President, if it's Clinton, to make the choice , either. There are promises of investigations, of harassment, of voter intimidation, of even more ridiculous gerrymandering. There are open expressions and appeals to racism, and a growing willingness to actively disobey legitimate authority.
Again, I understand what it's like when your team loses. But this is not how this country is supposed to work, and there are enough of us here that do know understand how it's supposed to be that you're not going to get away with it.
And I'm going to do what I can do, on a low level. I've already said this several times, but I'm going to say it again. I can understand not voting for Clinton--but if you actually vote for Trump, if you are a Trump supporter, you will cut out of my life. I'm sorry, the weight of the evidence is overwhelming; there are NO POSTIIVES to this dangerous wannabe megalomaniac, and your head would have to be four feet up your ass to not see that by now. The purging has started now, on my social media accounts and in my life. Tyrants and assholes throughout history have not been able to gain power without the support of people who ought to know better. Our country doesn't have to go down the tubes, but I will goddamned if I spend my old age watching this place turn into a dystopian nightmare mutely and passively.
To anyone that is going to vote for Trump, I repeat: you are voting for a failed human being with absolutely no positives. If you want to leave the ballot blank, vote for a third candidate, write somebody in--I get that. But there is no excuse for marking a ballot that casts a vote for Trump for President. And if you are going to do so, you are either stupid or have a toxic waste dump for a soul, and in either case, I want nothing to do with you any longer.
And save your protests and your bullshit for other people. I have a functional moral code, and I have the balls to actually stand up for not only what I believe in, but the ideals that this country aspired to achieve in my youth. Trump is everything that is wrong with our society--and you want to hand him the keys to the machine? I think not. And he's merely an annoyance unless he can get 50 million of you to vote for him. And if he gets there--I'm holding you known supporters personally and publicly responsible, and our relationship will be at an end.
I've had to cut out people who use drugs from my life. I've left churches because of bigotry. I 've left jobs because of injustice. I will have no second thoughts, nor lose a moment of sleep, over cutting Trump voters out of my life.

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