Thursday, November 17, 2016

Getting A Lot Done Today

Wednesday is the start of the work week for me--usually at 1 PM with a staff meeting, and then the start of the regular night shift at 10:30. I don't seem to be any closer to moving to the other program than I was several weeks ago, although I am told that there is another hiring meeting among the supervisors tomorrow, and hopefully some candidate will emerge there. But today was an exceptionally busy day, one that both has tired me out and reinvigorated me by showing me that I am still capable of sustained bursts of activity like a much younger man.
The day started with walking the dog early. Then I wrote yesterday's blog post. Then I took the dog on the long walk we do once a day. Then I came home and headed to agency headquarters to meet with the consultants that are helping the employees with enrolling in next year's medical plans. I discovered after I got there that I had to change my password, then discovered that HR had to approve it before we could move forward, so I literally ran down to the HR building, got Ginger to approve it, and ran back to the conference room before my time slot expired. Huffing and puffing, I set up next year's insurance for me and two of my daughters, and preserved an option to add Rachel should it become necessary (if the new bozos in Washington actually do succeed in repealing Obamacare).
I haven't actually ran anywhere for some time--several months, maybe even over a year. But I surprised myself by not being overly winded, and finished up on campus with enough time to go home, let the dog out again, and eat lunch. I then went over to the group home for an hour of staff meeting, then left that early to go to campus again to meet someone from the program I am going to join, to do some shadowing with some client work one of the workers was doing. It ended up being a relatively pleasant couple of hours. Because I was shadowing and not doing the primary work today, I got to go home instead of take the kids home, and made dinner while feeding the dog and waiting for Sabrina to come home. After she did, and I finished eating, I took the dog on another walk, and then went to the Wednesday night meeting, a meeting that I have come to enjoy and didn't like missing last week. During the meeting, I got a call from Lauren, informing me that she has gotten to her destination, among other things. It was kind of bittersweet, as she will not be able to call me for another ten days and I can't go see her for seventeen--but at least the clock is ticking on the eventual return home. And after the meeting, I returned home, walked the dog one more time, then came to work for the start of my usual work week, which commenced four-plus hours ago. Since arriving, I've been doing room checks, cleaned the kitchen, ran two loads of dishes, set up tomorrow morning's meds, wrote both Lauren and my other out-of-town correspondent, and did some Step work in anticipation of meeting my sponsor early next week.
Damn, that's a lot of day. And when I leave here a little under six hours from now, I will go home and walk the dog yet again, before finally settling in for what I hope is a fairly substantial daytime nap. Tomorrow is shaping up as the easy day of the week. Friday I have some obligations, Saturday I am going out of town for a few hours, and Sunday will be a yard work day.
But I would rather be busy than not. I have heard time and again from many people that they run into problems when they get "bored." I am many things, but I am not bored, not ever. I am grateful to be busy, and I am even more grateful that I find enough things interesting in this world so that I don't run out of things to keep me occupied. I have two books here, too, one a recovery anthology and one a novel, and I still have half a pot of coffee on, so I will not be fighting off sleep, either.
And the thing about this kind of activity is that your life can evolve without fundamentally changing shape. My last remaining sponsee told me he was going to seek another sponsor Monday. We finished the Twelve Steps two years ago, and we have been meeting infrequently to work on Traditions. Part of me feels bad--but only part of me. It had really gotten to the point where I think we had done about all we could realistically do, and if he believes his recovery can be better helped by another, I'm all in favor of that. I sponsored many people for many years; in the last year or so, I've kind of dropped away from it. If I get asked, I'll make a decision then, but I have to say I'm not missing it all that much, and it isn't like I am awash in free time anyway. But I am aware that we only keep what we have by giving it away, so I certainly am going to make no blanket pronouncements.
Five and a half hours to go.

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