Saturday, November 5, 2016

Breaking Down Or Sick

I don't know if I am just tired, if it's the new meds I'm on, or whether I am sick... but I feel like a train wreck. The bad thing is that I have seven hours left on this work shift. I'm supposed to work tomorrow night, too, but if I don't feel better by time I go home, there's no way.
On the plus side, those that are planning on attending my medallion celebration tomorrow aren't going to have to hear a long speech. It will be all I can do, if I feel like I do now, to drag my ass there to pick it up.
This is  the bad part about this job. The ability to call off in the middle of a shift is  non-existent. I will manage somehow; I am thinking about laying down in one of the empty rooms and trying to have this pass. But leaving before 9 isn't an option.

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