Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Political Odds And Ends, Two Weeks Before Election Day

In no particular order:
1) I watched the local news last night, because I was hoping to see something about the latest death in the jail. There wasn't a story about it, which I find suspicious, especially since the District Attorney's office said in the newspaper article this morning about it that the DA's office found out about the death on social media. The despicable human being that is the county executive is in the fight of her political life, and heroin/law enforcement issues are one of the pivot points of this campaign (you know, aside from the fact that she is a corrupt, dishonest alcoholic thief). The local sheriff is our own version of Joe Arpaio, the sadistic sheriff in Phoenix' county in Arizona who ignores judges and goes out of his way to inflict cruel and unusual punishment, and he has been an open ally of Preston for her entire political career, and I am sure that the media blackout on the subject is not accidental. There are a lot of problems around the county jail, and if Preston is defeated in the election, which seems likely, I am not going to be a bit surprised if our ambitious DA does not turn his sights on the sheriff, another old-guard Republican who has been in power far too long and who has literal skeletons in his closet.
But that's not what struck me about the first hour of non-sports or debate television I've watched in months. It was the fusillade of political ads--Myers, Tenney, Babinec, Ashkar, Preston, Garnar, Gibson, Lupardo, whoever the black guy running against Lupardo is. Almost all of them--the Ashkar ad was the lone exception--unrelentingly and almost childishly negative, about why the other people suck. And it was a solid hour of this crap, and the things is, they were the same ones playing over and over again. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, make it stop! I can only imagine what it is like for someone that actually likes to watch television. This is a lot worse than the deluge of Christmas ads around December 18 every year.
Part of me wants to say a pox on all of them. I wonder how effective some of this stuff really is. There are limits to how effective you can be in 30 seconds, but some of these are truly sophomoric, and it is interesting how they try to tie in other divisive figures to the candidates. But I doubt anyone considering voting for Tenney, for example, is going to pushed to mark a ballot for Tenney by some crude ad linking Kim Myers to Hillary Clinton with logic figuratively drawn with crayons. But then, John Q. Public is, for the most part, a moron, and I would think that some of this stuff is put on the air because it might achieve its aim.
It's enough to make you throw up.
2) Speaking of Joe Arpaio (he's the guy in Arizona that puts prisoners on chain gangs wearing pink underwear, puts them in tents in 110-degree weather with no water, and doesn't think women prisoners having their period are entitled to tampons and pads, among other enlightened practices), he was indicated yesterday on charges of ignoring a federal judge's order to stop his deputies from racially profiling Hispanics in Phoenix. He's already behind in his re-election bid, and although he won't be booked or jailed (yet), one can only hope that this guy is on the way out. And karma is a bitch; I hope the new sheriff, should he win, makes this bastard work outside with a pink tutu on and chains him to bunch of black and Hispanic prisoners while doing so. I would actually pay money to see that.
But Arpaio is only one of a particularly egregious type of political animal that seems to becoming more prevalent than usual--the flaming hypocrite in office. I live in New York, where it seems like a quarter of all state-wide elected officials are under indictment or have had to resign, but this is a nationwide phenomenon. Arpaio is among the worst because he is so flagrant in his disdain for the Constitution and his appeal to the yahoo element to stay in power. But it sure seems like there are more of these guys around than ever before. The system truly is rotten.
3) A prime example of Hypocrisy in Action was on Fox News last night (no, I didn't watch, I'm going by news reports). Newt Gingrich jumped all over Megyn Kelly, a conservative talk show host and bete noir of Trump earlier this year, for giving too much attention to the serial allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump that are literally flooding the media in the last two weeks. This is truly rich coming from Gingrich--the thrice-married Gingrich, the Gingrich who left his MS-afflicted wife for another woman, the Gingrich that was forced from his post as Speaker of the House for ethics violations suspiciously similar to Trump's chicanery regarding his foundations and campaign donations. God knows I am not a fan of Fox, and although Kelly is one of the few that make it on the air there that seem to be fully human (actually, the only ones I can think of are her and Shepard Smith) with functional cerebral cortexes, I'm not a fan of hers, either. But I think she handled it rather well, and pointed out something that doesn't really get enough media attention.
It's about what women put up with from men on a regular basis. I'm probably going to write about this in more detail in the near future, but between my daughters' coming of age in recent years and some of the other developments in my life recently, I have become acutely aware of just how many men are fucking animals toward women when they think they are not open to exposure. I'm beyond sick about it; there have been times where I have felt murderous recently, looking at phone messages and Facebook messages and texts that. And these are run-of-the-mill, ordinary men; I can only imagine how much worse they behave when they have some power and influence. I have absolutely no doubt that Trump has done all that he is said to have done, and I am sure that it is exponentially worse than what has become public. More to the point--so are women, and I think Trump is going to be lucky to get a third of the women's vote this election. He's a creep, period. And so is Gingrich, and I'm sure that most male politicians are, too, for that matter. But it was nice to see Kelly go toe-to-toe with Gingrich and not take his shit.
And seriously--Trump is reduced to having alleged people like Newt Gingrich and Rudy Guiliani carrying his water for him in the media? Does he really think that anyone in the United States says to themselves, "Geez, I wasn't sure who I was going to vote for, but Newt Gingrich is for Trump, so I guess I'm going to be vote for Trump, too?" I really wonder how it is possible for people-- a lot of people, apparently--to live their life in such a closed bubble, with their heads stuck fully within their alimentary canals. Wow.
4) And speaking of horrible human beings--there's a trial going on in New Jersey right now of Governor Chris Christie's aides regarding the bogus closure of traffic lanes for political purposes a couple of years ago. What is interesting about this is that three of them have said for the record that Christie and/or his aides told this state's governor, the Spoiled Little Bastard, what was happening at the time--so SLB could instruct New York's Port Authority representatives to stop asking questions and to let the Jersey side run amok without interference. Cuomo has absolutely no credibility with anyone with a conscience, and so I fully believe that he did know at the time.
And if you need any further proof that party label means much less to our governing class than membership in the club and making sure that the members are insulated from consequences, look no further. It would be really hard to find a bigger asshole than Cuomo in a nation of 300 million people--but it's possible that Christie is. And they stick together like glue, especially under pressure.
We need a revolution. Period.
5) Although not one brought about by the Donald or his minions. As it has become clear that he is not only going to lose, but is going to get his ass kicked, the excuse machine is shifting into overdrive about "rigged elections" and such. Words are cheap and easily seen through--but this is the age of social media and apps, and sure enough, I saw something this morning that I suspect that there's going to be a lot more of in the next couple of weeks. There was a notice online from one of these right-wing conspiracy pages that Oregon's mail-in ballot forms did not have Trump listed as a candidate. It took about three seconds on Google to discover that this was some Cliven Bundy-type using Photoshop and then posting the results online--but the gullible have already seized upon it as "proof." Nothing wears me out faster than this sort of shit, so let me make it real simple.
If you choose to believe this kind of crap to support your contentions, you're contemptible and I am under no obligation to take you seriously. And if you are one of those that actually perpetrate the lies and disseminate the deceit, you are an American Fascist and Nazi. And a failed human being.
Don't forget. #prestonmustgo

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