Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October Surprise, Indeed

The details aren't officially public yet. But I have gotten unofficial confirmation from all over the map that our esteemed county executive was arrested last week for embezzling flood relief money a few years ago, for misusing the county tax ID number for personal use while county executive, and for using county labor to have renovations performed at her home.
This is almost too good to be true. The reason this information has not been made public is that a plea bargain is being worked out that will allow her to remain free. However, her resignation as county executive will be effective immediately. One of the issues, apparently, at the moment is that her party is desperately trying to figure out a way to replace her on the ballot--but with the election four weeks from today, the law is not on their side. And with this information becoming more readily available by the day, a public announcement is almost certainly going to be made before the week is out.
What a piece of shit she really is. This is someone that has spent five years vilifying public assistance recipients, parading those accused of welfare fraud in front of cameras like they were Charles Manson. She has made it much harder to access any sort of help from county departments. This is someone that fired hundred of county workers in the food services department, and turned the contract over to a company notorious for lousy service--and all reports from those that live in county nursing homes and that are in jail indicate that the new company's food is borderline inedible, just like everyone against the deal said it was going to be. This is someone that eliminated first the county Youth Bureau, and then gutted almost all county services to troubled and needy youth. This is someone who has filled her administration with worthless hacks.
But her most damaging and lasting legacy, one we are suffering from and will continue to suffer from, is the stubborn refusal to admit the scope of the heroin/opiate epidemic, largely because this hypocritical piece of shit considers drug abuse a moral/legal problem and drug users as sub-human criminals. I never liked Debbie Preston, going back to the days when she shamelessly grandstanded for the cameras during the floods of first 2006 and then 2011. I grew to despise her in the waning years running my former program, when it became clear that she and her minions had no grasp of the problems facing the county's youth, and no interest in learning about them--their ideology was rigid and served as the basis of policy, facts and reality be damned. And as the epidemic caught fire, her willful and belligerent ignorance and stubborn refusal to drop her prejudices has killed people, plain and simple.
I have never come to hate a public figure more in my entire life.
I usually am not a "good old days" person. But I would make an exception on whatever day she is led out of the courthouse after the indictment or plea bargain is official. In the past, a disgrace of this magnitude, by a hypocrite of this degree, would lead to the person in question being confronted by a jeering mob and pelted with filth and garbage. And man, I would pay money to see that happen if and when Little Debbie does the walk of shame out the courthouse doors.
And I'm actually kind of hoping this gets drawn out a couple of weeks. The longer before it actually goes public, the closer to the election it will be, the fresher it will remain in the public eye, and the more certain a Garnar victory will be, even if the law is circumvented and some other Republican gets to head the ticket. But this is perhaps the most lovely example of karma I have seen in some time. And although a sign of my personal growth over the last few years is that I do not take pleasure in the misfortune of other people that I do not like, in this case, because of the direct and knowing negative impact she has had on others, and because people died because of her ignorance and willful stupidity, I am making a partial exception.

Cue Blondie singing "Just Go Away":

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