Saturday, October 15, 2016

No Excuses; Cut The Bullshit

I've been watching the election campaign unfold with a deepening sense of horror. Regular readers of this space know that I was a rabid Bernie fan, and I remain very much not happy with the prospect of casting a ballot for the person that the party that I identify with chose to be its nominee. But there is no way in the world that I will ever, EVER cast a ballot for Donald Fucking Trump. I thought at the beginning of the campaign that he was a blowhard and a caricature of sorts, but it has been increasingly clear that he is, simply, a failed human being. There is nothing attractive or decent about this man.
He is a liar, much worse than Clinton is alleged to be. He openly threatens violence against those that do not agree with him. He brags about evading taxes. He is open in his admiration for the leader of a nation increasingly hostile to the United States. He has a record of failure in multiple business ventures. He is incapable of reasoned arguments; he can go at most for a few minutes before resorting to name-calling and innuendo. His entire "policy" portfolio consists of two things: 1) finding scapegoats to blame for complex problems and proposing doing violence to them as the solution to the problems, and 2) making sure that rich people like him pay even less in taxes than they do now and be legally allowed to be as rapacious and arbitrary in their business practices as they wish to be. The current storm surrounding him is that behavior and attitudes have been revealed that show that he believes that power and money allow him to do whatever he wants to whomever he wants--and that what he wants is the exercise of power and control and the satiation of his appetites.
This is not a man. This is, I repeat, a failed human being. This is someone that embodies every awful characteristic that mankind is capable of. He is a moral monstrosity.
And I am sick to death of people somehow making Clinton out to be even worse. Clinton is no bag of wonder, but---NO! Don't even attempt to go there. Clinton is a politician, with a fair amount of smarminess, definitely not to be trusted, unprincipled on far too many subjects to for anyone to be genuinely ecstatic at the prospect of her winning. But she is not the piece of elephant shit that Donald Trump is. And all you are doing, if you insist that she is, is telling me that you are either stupid or have a defective moral compass.
And thus,  those that do make that argument are revealing themselves to be morally deficient themselves. I rarely get this worked up about political matters, but I am giving fair warning--if you are a Trump supporter, you will be cut out of my life, because you have proved to me that your sense of morals and values is seriously and terminally flawed. I can understand not wanting to vote for Clinton (frankly, neither do I). If you don't want to cast a vote, or want to vote for another candidate, or want to write somebody else in, then do so, and I won't think twice about your choice.
But if you cast a vote for the failed human being, if you are taking active action to try to allow this man to take over the most powerful elected position in the entire world in spite of the more-than-ample evidence that he would abuse the office like no one ever has before--you are diseased. You are a spiritual leper. And you will cease to exist, as far as I am concerned. This is no longer about politics. This is an issue of morality, of standing up for decency, civility, and a belief that there is a higher standard of ethics other than sheer naked power to act with impunity in every situation. And if you actively choose to vote for the candidate that is unabashedly representing the forces of, yes, evil--you've showed me all I need to know about you.
Most things in life are relative. This has turned out not to be one of those things. Again, I'm not saying I need to hear anyone say they have to vote for Clinton. But you cannot truly tell me that you believe in law and order, in a just and caring God, or the principles of the Bill of Rights if you are going to vote for Trump.
End of story.

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