Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life With Wimmer

So now we have a dog. Wimmer (a nickname for Whimsical, which was apparently his name with his former owner) has been a part of our household now for about 33 hours, and already our life is changed drastically, for the better. I've wanted a dog for a long time, pretty much since I got clean and realized how much I missed Waldo (interesting, useless fact: I have had four pets in my life--the guinea pig was technically Sabrina's-- and all four of them have names starting with W: Whiskers and Willie the cats, Waldo and now Wimmer the dogs). Circumstances have kept me from fulfilling that desire until now, but Sabrina has bonded very quickly with him, and I like him, too. He meets all the criteria I had for a dog--short hair (he's a mutt featured Lab, boxer, and retriever), adult, housebroken, quiet (what first got him noticed was that he was about the only dog at the shelter not barking his head off when Sabrina and I arrived last week), neutered. Ideally, he'd be a little smaller, but he isn't so big that I can't pick him up if need be.
And he is very happy to be in our home. There was one small disturbing issue; he either chewed or scratched the wood at the back door when he was left alone today. But I'm hopeful that our coming back helps relieve his anxiety on that front (he was abandoned at a Weis this summer, which is how he came to be at the shelter, and given it was so recent, I'm sure it is in the forefront of his dog mind). But he plays, he minds himself when we're not active, he slept with Sabrina last night and this afternoon with me when I grabbed what passes for sleep for me during my work week, and went with Sabrina to her mother's house to be shown off. He's pretty good on walks; he's certainly curious about his new neighborhood, but he doesn't fight me much when I 've coaxed him back on the sidewalk.
But it's just nice to have another presence in the house. Pets make the family unit complete, and truthfully, as inert and inactive as the guinea pig was much of the time, things have not really been right in the house since she died nearly two years ago. Wimmer is not going anywhere, and at 6, he should be around at least another six and as many ten years, We have to get him to the vet and get him licensed and all that, but he's a welcome addition to the family.

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