Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The Invisible Guardian is a nice suspense/murder mystery by Spanish author Delores Redondo, available in English translation. Set in the Spanish province of Navarre, in Basque country, it is a wonderful mix of legend, horror, and the latest science, as a serial killer starts rampaging through the area. The heroine, a female cop with a very tortured family history, has to confront problems in her own department, her own disbelief in local legend, her own history of PTSD, and the growing realization that the key to solving the case is very close to home. There are a couple of places where the wording is awkward, which made me wonder what the original Spanish said, and I have a few quibbles about some of the plot construction--important details are introduced very late in the book, some of the science that is central to a plot assumption doesn't ring true with what I know of addiction and how it would affect someone with antisocial tendencies, and the resolution of the mystery was telegraphed well in advance of when the characters realized it. But this was still an excellent book, and I've certainly read worse books over a long weekend before.

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