Monday, October 24, 2016

Another Crypt Sleep

I didn't do a whole lot yesterday after work. I went grocery shopping, tried to go to the morning meeting (and left early because I felt myself starting to fall asleep), did a little yard work (two of the cherry tomato plants and all the banana pepper plants apparently froze Saturday night, and so they are going out in the yard waste this morning), and then I watched football pretty much all day, napping intermittently on the couch. I thought that between the low-energy expenditure and the actual naptime, I could sleep last night without actually hibernating.
I was wrong. I woke up when the alarm went off at six, then again twenty minutes ago, and if I didn't have something I wanted to do this morning, I'd still be in bed. I can tell I snored to bring the walls down; I have a sore throat (I also have a persistent sinus infection and a doctor's appointment Wednesday morning) from it. And I missed several messages during the night, and had to check if Sabrina was home because by time 9 PM rolled around, I was already dead to the world (I went into the bedroom when the Patriot-Steeler game ended, and read for a bit before turning out the light).
I'm an older person, and you're not supposed to sleep like this at my age. Yes, the third shift is a bit of a killer (and my boss texted me last night asking if I was willing to work last night, too; in a word, NO), but I am starting to wonder if there is something deeper wrong. I really should not be in a coma every Sunday night. I'm hoping this is the last time; my job position switch should be happening any time now, for one, and by this time next week, we'll have a dog and dogs are usually not shy about getting you up to relieve themselves outside in the middle of the night. But the worst thing about this is that I'm still tired. I could have very easily spent another few hours in bed.
It's kind of worrisome.

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