Tuesday, September 27, 2016


While the title of the latest Jefferson Bass whodunit, The Breaking Point, seems like it might an apt description of some aspects of my own life recently, it is in reality another installment in the Body Farm series. A forensic anthropologist noted for his research on corpses is called in to assist the FBI to figure out what happened in a plane crash in San Diego, and quickly gets ass-deep in a bunch of things that don't make sense... I'm a little tired of the Body Farm series, and this book is a microcosm of why. One, way too much is going on here at once; it's hard to keep track of the plot. Two, the villain is obvious from halfway through the book; when every main character but one seems to be an asshole, then paradoxically the exception is the guilty party. Three, some plot twists are left completely unresolved; much of the middle third of the book is taken up by a witch hunt undertaken at the hero's home, and we never do find out what the ultimate outcome was. Four, the ending is simply completely implausible, straight out of the original Batman TV show. A guy clever enough to set up the deception that fueled the plot is going to spend ten minutes bragging of how he did it before dispatching two impediments? Please. And five, I've  become unfortunately knowledgeable about visitation procedures in jails, and one of the sub-plots revolves around something that absolutely, positively would never happen, even if law enforcement was one of the parties.
It's time for Body Farm series to be retired.

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