Friday, September 9, 2016

Another Whole Lotta Day

I'm not going to write anywhere near the length of the post I did yesterday. There was a lot that happened yesterday, too--actually, probably more than the day before. But the two biggest things were intensely personal, both painful and both intimately involving other people, and so I really don't want to put anything of detail out there in a public space. I have an idea that at least one of these stories is going to come to an end soon, and perhaps a post will be therapeutic at that time.
But I made a commitment, too, to something I normally don't. In fact, I don't recall ever making this sort of overt commitment in a political arena before. My Facebook friends and readers of this space are well aware of where my politics lay, but I have never really been one to push for a particular candidate, at least publicly. I have done so obliquely for some time in this space, by insisting that the county executive must be defeated in her re-election campaign. But she is running against someone, too, and I haven't mentioned him by name pretty much anywhere.
But his name is now proudly on my front lawn. Yes, I have a candidate sign in my front yard. That has never happened before, not in 35 years of being able to vote and over 25 of living in my own domicile. The election is two months away, and mine is the first one up on the street.
Because it is imperative that this person wins the election. Not only because of the issue of how best to combat the heroin epidemic, although that is occupying most of my efforts. But because of other cuts in services, the blatant demonization of the poor, and inability to accurately assess tax revenue, among other reasons. Jason Garnar may not be the answer to every problem the county has, but he is a damn sight better than the incumbent. And I not only don't care if the world knows what I think, but I actively am seeking to invite debate the subject.
It's the least I can do, and it's a lot more important than arguing about whether millionaire athletes stand for the frigging national anthem.
Preston must go. Vote Garnar.

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