Thursday, August 25, 2016

Not Just Going For the Gelt

I've worked no overtime the last three weeks, and the results, or lack thereof, are going to start showing up in this paycheck I'm getting Friday (tomorrow, considering it's well after midnight now). And with all the new deductions for health insurance and child support, it's going to be light--real light. I don't know exactly how light, but the relative affluence of the summer is now officially long gone.
But at the same time as the overtime has ended, sanity and manageability have returned. I've commented several times recently that I've gotten into a nice routine, one that is working. And so, when I showed up yesterday afternoon for weekly staff meeting only to find there was no meeting, I chatted with my boss for a moment and discovered that there is an entire shift open here, in the house I work in, tomorrow/today, from 2:30 until 10:30.
I thought about taking it all. But that would mean I would work for 18 consecutive hours, and I would pay a fearsome price until probably Monday, if not longer. True, my paycheck would revert to rather Olympian heights a couple of paydays down the road. But I decided that losing the hard-to-gain equilibrium was not worth the cost. I forget who said it, but a quote I remember from years ago said that when I let price be the determining factor  in a decision, I have become a prostitute. I value my quality of life more than I value money.
And that's why I am not taking the full shift. I am taking part of it--but something I can reasonably manage. I'm not going to screw up what's been working out well for a few bucks. And I know I made the right decision, because when I told my supervisor what I just wrote, it felt right. I'm not going to get rich at this job--in this field, for that matter. I don't need to mess up my life for days for $150. I really don't.
And to me, that's a sign of maturity and even spiritual fitness. Money really and truly cannot buy happiness. I don't know anyone that couldn't use more of it--but I'm not going to let the acquisition of such turn my life upside down, not unless I have to. I'm not going to starve if I don't have ten hours of overtime a week. And I'm sure that I'm making the right choice by choosing to stay manageable and under control.

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