Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hellish Hot

Upstate New York is not someplace like Houston or Phoenix, where tropical temperatures are normal, especially in the summer. And Binghamton is not a large city that creates its own weather island, either. But we are in the middle of August, and our annual make-your-ass-melt heat wave is upon us. I left for work yesterday evening at 10:20 PM, and the bank sign said the temperature was 86 degrees. That doesn't happen here, not two hours after sunset.
I say this every summer, and I will say it again; there is no more awesome invention in the history o mankind than central air conditioning. Both my home and my work have it, and as a result I am quite comfortable almost all of the time. But I cannot imagine how these poor people without it fare--I really can't. I went to a meeting tonight, and had to leave when it was a hour old because the atmosphere was simply too oppressive (and whoever kept shitting their pants wasn't helping, either). I just went outside on the porch here at work, at 2:30 PM, and it's so humid and horrible out there.
I am not always grateful for everything I should be. But I am always grateful for air conditioning. And no more so than I have been the last couple of days.

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