Saturday, August 27, 2016

Change of Intent

When I got to work a few hours ago, I was going to write about something else entirely A difficult start to the shift has kind of put the kibosh to that.  I would dearly love to dearly tell all of you about all the wonderful stuff that is happening here in the house tonight, but I know better than that. And I also know better than to follow through on my original plan now, which was to make a few rather acidic comments on something that happened at the meeting tonight.
But I am exercising better judgment often these days, and this is one of those times. I would be right if I wrote what I wanted to write, but it wouldn't be kind, it wouldn't help carry a positive message of recovery, and most of all, since the tendency that irritated me has been happening for the length of time I have known the person, it isn't going to change anything. So I'm just going to hold my peace on the specifics--especially since the person and I have a bit of history and I'm not completely without bias when it comes to anything regarding her.
A good point was made several times tonight, though, during the celebration we had for someone picking up two years clean. There is now a pretty strong roster of people around with anywhere from one to five years clean, a generational shift that is both welcome and overdue in the fellowship. I've written about this before, but the most lasting and toxic effect of the Messagemaster's unchallenged heyday in this area from about 2004-2008 is the nearly complete lack of people in the fellowship now with clean dates in that time frame. It led to a serious logjam and crisis in the area's service structure for a few years. But that is starting to change now, and the number of people with only a few black keytags is vital in reaching the mushrooming number of people entering recovery now because of the opioid epidemic. I and others of my generation may have a compelling and deeply interesting story of recovery--but those fresh in the rooms now are not going to identify very strongly with us. But they will with those with a year or three clean, people their own general age that they may remember as a using addict, too. That kind of identification is a necessary foundation to build upon if the fellowship is to thrive, and there does seem to be a big and growing number of people putting some time together.

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