Monday, January 30, 2012

Shameless Commercial Announcement

As regular readers of  this space know, I read a lot of books, and I review what I read here. Few if any are ever going to be New York Times Book Review material, and yet I try to find something to say about everything that crosses my threshold. And I have received generally positive feedback for doing so. Yesterday, a friend of mine suggested that I register as an Amazon affiliate, which would would make eligible for a 15% bonus fee if someone bought the book at after getting to the site through this blog. I checked out the program and it seemed relatively straightforward, so I did in fact register. So in the future, if you read about a book in this space and think you might want to purchase it, click on the book title, and you will be taken to the Amazon website, where hopefully you will decide to buy the book.
I'm not going to get rich through doing this, but if it picks up a few bucks over the year, I'll be happy. And it's another step toward moving toward trying to broaden my income base and move toward making a living with my writing. The publishing game has changed beyond recognition during the last twenty years or so. The idea of writing a best-selling novel has become infinitely harder; I've started a few projects, but I haven't really stuck with any of them. I've been mulling for a couple of years finishing the project that I've posted several pages of on this site; I've thought about a more sweeping panorama encompassing a grander theme than just a coming of age story. I've also tentatively explored free lance writing--although not in any serious way to date. And although I am part of, I hardly ever use the site beyond linking it to this blog--and I do have a couple of ideas for short stories that I want to pursue at some point.

So anyway, this Amazon thing is a baby step in that direction. I've been reading a lot lately--I always do in the wintertime--and in the future, feel free to go to the Amazon website through this blog. I"m still trying to figure out how the linking and stuff works, but there is also a link to Amazon on the bottom of the blog page itself, and that will always work. I am considering other changes to the blog, too--I had blue backgrounds last week, but decided I didn't like it and changed it back yesterday. But more changes may be coming.

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